Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What is the Solution??!!

I am currently in Singapore as I had an appointment with an allergist/immunologist in Tan Tock Sing Hospital on Monday.

I shall call him Dr. B.

It was an exceptionally, extremely interesting appointment as he does not believe that I have a salicylate sensitivity. Instead he believes that the anaphylaxis was triggered by peanuts which were in the soup which I had boiled. (Those of you who follow my blog will know that I had my first anaphylaxis after drinking home-boiled peanut soup 5 years ago). I did tell him that the worst wasn't after the peanut soup though my throat was closing up, my tongue and lips swelled up and my BP dropped and they had to give me oxygen. The worst anaphylactic attack where I went into shock was a result of drinking Joel's Isomil milk. Doctor B said that it could be a carry-over reaction. It happens. OR Joel's milk had traces of peanuts in it as the factory processes nuts too.

Anyway, I had blood drawn for peanut test and also for mast cells degranulation. 

The doctor also told me that the IgE blood tests that were done immediately after the anaphylaxis attacks were inaccurate as they were done too soon after the attacks. When the body has had an anaphylaxis, the blood tests that was done immediately will either give a false positive or negative. It needs a period of SIX WEEKS after an anaphylaxis attack to get an accurate reading. How the hell was I supposed to know?! He also said based on all the blood tests that were done, he can tell that the doctors were all grasping in the dark trying to find out what was wrong with me.

Doctor B also asked me to tell him the history of my health in great detail while he busily typed everything into the computer. 

Unfortunately, there are no tests in the world for all these chemicals or food sensitivities. He said the ALCAT test is bullshit! Haha! He said that if we eat a particular food in large amounts, it will turn up in large amounts in our blood. So that ALCAT test is totally inaccurate. 

Dr.B said that somewhere along the line, I had become hypersensitive after the anaphylaxis attack. He said it happens. I have food intolerance and smell sensitivities too. 

Dr. B said that at some point of time, I would have to re-introduce foods into my system as I can't go on living like this.

That being said, he told me that I have to avoid herbs, spices as they can trigger a reaction. 

It never sank into my brain all this while that I already had a drug allergy when I was small. My mum told me that I was allergic to a pain killer called 'Viseralgin' when I was a small child. I remember carrying a card with me at all times when I was a kid in primary school. Dr. B said that it's all under the NSAIDs groups. 

He said that currently I do not have any medication to take in the event of a high fever as all the fever medication that are available are under the Cox-1 inhibitor which I am allergic to. There is the Cox-2 inhibitor which Celebrex and Arcoxia belong to. I'm allergic to Celebrex. This hospital is trained to conduct challenge tests for Arcoxia. Though I am able to take Tramadol which belongs to the opioid group, Tramadol does not function as a fever reduction medication. It only functions as a pain killer. The Arcoxia challenge test is done over a period of one day. The patient is given a small dose over a period of about 3 hours which begins at 8am and will continue to be under observation until 5pm. Arcoxia peaks during the early part of the test. If the patient is unable to take it he/she will react during the morning and not later as the peak will slowly descends after it reaches its height. I have not come to a decision on whether I would want to do this challenge test or not.

After speaking to him in detail, he sent me to see an allergist nurse. She is a lady with so much information inside her brain concerning allergy immunology. I was sent to her so that they could educate me on allergy and much more. 

From her I learnt that there are 3 areas where our immune system could have a 'reaction'. The first would be a 'TRUE ALLERGY'. The second is 'FOOD INTOLERANCE'. And the third 'PHARMALOGICAL EFFECT'. There is also the 'virus effect'. More on that later. 

The 'TRUE ALLERGY' is where even a minute amount of allergen that the person is allergic to can kill him/her. If the person is allergic, there is no such thing as giving him/her 'a little bit of it won't kill you'. It will.

The 'FOOD INTOLERANCE' is where the body cannot produce enough of the enzymes to digest the particular food product. An example would be lactose intolerance. The digestive system is unable to produce lactase which breaks down lactose into glucose and galactose. Thus, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrheoa, vomitting can happen after ingesting large amounts of lactose. This does not kill you although it can make you sick. 

The 'PHARMALOGICAL EFFECT' would be the body reacting to enzymes that are released by the body to digest or breakdown the food products that we consume! An example would be the 'Chinese Food Syndrome'. 

When the body consumes MSG, which is basically salt as in sodium, (and the meal is loaded with MSG), the body will retain water. This causes a strain on the heart and the kidneys. And when there is an extreme spike in sodium, there will be a drastic drop in potassium. The body will try to cling into the potassium. The thing is sodium and potassium come hand-in-hand. Thus, the body will go all out in a craze mode trying to balance its system and you will get palpitations, dizziness, migraines, etc as side effects!

The 'VIRUS FACTOR' is such that sometimes during sickness, hives or swollen eyes are not an allergy reaction to the medication that have been consumed but rather an effect which was caused by the virus!

Dr. B and Mdm Allergist Nurse have given me a diary which is specifically for 'reactions'. It is called a 'Reaction Diary'. I used to keep a food diary. This diary however is only for reactions. And I have to note down everything I used, places that I went to, ate, touched, inhaled, ingredients or brands of products that were used, etc 12 hours prior to the reactions. And I have to write in detail to how my reactions are. From there I guess they will be able to narrow down my triggers and what categories the reactions are from.

Mdm Allergist Nurse also taught me that whenever I have a reaction, in order to abort or stop the reaction from progressing to a full-blown attack, puriton or clorphenamine tablet is to be taken. Not Xyzal. Not Zrytec. Why? Because it is a fast acting anti-histamine. It stops the body from releasing other agents which could progress to an anaphylactic attack. No one ever explained this to me and I never realised it to research about it. At the same time, she also said that at times the anti-histamine is not strong enough to prevent an anaphylaxis. The Epi-Pen is the next course of action.  Mdm Nurse also advised me to keep my Epi-Pens together with the Puriton tablets together in a same pouch. 

I asked Mdm Nurse to whether if there is a possibility of having an allergy reaction to things that we are not when we are well when we fall ill. She said that does not happen. BUT she said that if we have been allergic or sensitive to something when we are well, when we are sick the reaction is multiplied at a larger magnitude! 

Mdm Nurse also taught me how to reintroduce food back into my life/system. It is also called a challenge test. Every single new food that is to be re-introduced will be done in a span of two weeks. The first day would be having a teaspoon amount. It would only involve chewing, and chewing only. After chewing, I would need to spit it out and rinse my mouth with water. And then I sit and wait. If I have no reaction as in mouth tingling or swelling or any adverse reactions which I am accustomed to, I can proceed to the next day. The next day would be swallowing the same teaspoon amount. And this is done till the 7th day when it reaches the size of ONE PORTION. During the second week, I would need to ingest ONE PORTION of the new food everyday until day 14! If I do not react during that time, I am good to go with that food. That being said, this is risky and the Epi-Pen and the Puriton must be on standby. Mdm nurse also advice to steer clear of sauces and flavouring as they contain 1001 different ingredients and that could confuse the outcome of the challenge test. I would not know which was the trigger if I do react. Was it the sauce or the pork/turkey/beef? She said to cook the food in the simplest manner. Salt, sugar, pepper. Nothing else. The plainer/simpler it is, the better. And the accompanying foods must be the ones that I have been eating all these 5 years with no reaction. Basically, it's keep it simple.

Mdm Nurse also told me to never drink herbs or all those Chinese concoction herbal drinks as many contain NSAIDs which unscrupulous business people add. I told her I have not drank a single sip of any Chinese herbal drink since the anaphylactic attack. And I do not see any sinsehs. I basically know what I am allowed and not allowed to do. I mean I survived for 5 years!

I have to come back in July to see Dr.B. As of now I have no answers and my mind is still in the process of digesting all the information that have been given to me. I will still stick to my diet of 5 years and research more about all that have been told to me. 

As of now, I am still 'answer-less'! But there is hope!!!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Tofu Minced Chicken


1. 2 packets of soft tofu (bean curd)
2. 200gm of minced chicken (seasoned with sea-salt)
3. 1/2 bulb of garlic (sliced into thin slices)
4. Sea-salt
5. Sunflower oil


1. Heat a wok.

2. Pour about 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil.

3. When the oil is hot, add the sliced garlic. Stir fry until slightly browned.

4. Add the minced chicken and fry until it is 90% cooked. Break up the minced chicken into fine pieces.

5. Add the tofu and mash them up.

6. Stir and mix the tofu with the minced chicken until well blended.

7. Add sea-salt to taste.

8. Allow to simmer for 15 minutes.

9. Scoop up onto serving plate. Serve hot with rice.

Bon appétit!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Stir Fried Spaghetti


1. 500gm of spaghetti (boiled)
2. 1 medium sized chicken breast (without skin) cut into thin slices (seasoned with sea-salt)
3. 300gm of bean sprouts (washed and drained)
4. 1/2 bulb of garlic (sliced into thin slices)
5. Sunflower oil
6. Sea-salt


1. Heat a wok.

2. Pour about 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil into the wok.

3. When the oil is hot, add the sliced garlic. Stir fry until slightly browned.

4. Add the chicken pieces and fry until 3/4 cooked.

5. Add the bean sprouts and fry until both chicken and sprouts are cooked.

6. Add the spaghetti and some sea-salt to taste. Mix everything thoroughly.

7. Scoop up onto serving bowl.

8. Serve while piping hot.

Bon appétit!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Multigrain Snack


1. 1 cup of organic oats
2. 1/2 cup of organic sunflower seeds
3. 1/4 cup of organic millet
4. 1/4 cup of organic quinoa
5. 2 large eggs (beaten)
6. 1/4 cup of organic sunflower oil
7. 3 tablespoons of organic soft brown sugar


1. Mix all ingredients above in a mixing bowl.

2. Once everything is combined well, scoop up mixture into mini cupcake liners and place them on a baking tray.

3. Preheat oven at 180C.

4. Bake for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.

5. Allow to cool. You can store in airtight containers which can be kept in the fridge for about a month.

Bon appétit!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Carrot & Celery Scrambled Eggs


1. 1 medium sized carrot (outer layer peeled and sliced into thin strips)
2. 1 stalk of celery (with the leaves too) (peeled and diced)
3. 10 fresh chicken eggs (beaten)
4. Sea-salt
5. Sunflower oil


1. Add 1/2 a teaspoon of sea-salt into the beaten eggs and mix throughly.

2. Heat a wok.

3. Add about 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil into heated wok.

4. Pour the beaten eggs.

5. Sprinkle the sliced carrots and diced celery into the beaten eggs.

6. Allow it to simmer and cook.

7. Once one side is browned, turn it over and cook the other side until browned.

8. Scoop up onto serving plate.

9. Serve with hot rice.

Bon appétit!

Some Respite

The weather suddenly changed and we've been having freak storms everyday to the point the road in front of me is a blur when I am driving.
The mother-of-all-storms!
Hot clear skies!
Before the storms!
Such clear skies after the storms! What a difference.
And then the wind blew the haze back.
So it's been a see-saw. Clear skies, hazy-and-smoggy skies. Clear skies, hazy skies. And most of the time, even though the skies are blue and clear, the acrid burning smell is still ever present in the air. The haze is caused by peat fire breaking out everywhere, rampant open burning and our own pollution. In other words, it is 'home-grown' pollution...
This morning's skies!
I had to seal/taped shut Joel's bathroom window as the acrid burning smell was just awful seeping into his bathroom and bedroom. It smelt like a smoker's room!
Water rationing is still on. And there hasn't been rain at the water dams or catchment areas. Do pray for rain at those areas. Pray till it fills up to the brim! Thank you!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Millet & Fish Congee


1. 1 cup of Bario rice (washed)
2. 1 cup of millet (washed)
3. 1 red snapper (baked and flesh torn into small pieces)
    * For recipe, click on LINK
4. Sea-salt
5. 1 large carrot (outer layer peeled and diced into small pieces)
6. 1 litre of filtered water


1. Pour everything into a large pot.

2. Boil on high heat until it starts to bubble.

3. Allow to boil for about 5 minutes before turning to low heat.

4. Boil on low heat for 1 1/2 hours while stirring very frequently.

5. After 1 1/2 hours of cooking is done, allow to sit for 1/2 hour (with lid closed) before serving.

Bon appétit!

The Hazardous Hazard!

It is currently very shitty and stressful to be living in the Klang Valley at the moment. The weather has been so dry that the temperature soared to 40+C early this week. And some of the dams (especially the one that our water comes from) has reached a critical level of only 40% water. It hasn't rained at the dams for god-knows-how-long.

And the haze has been so bloody persistent, vicious, and has such a tenacious grip on our airspace that we are suffocating beyond words.

The two pictures below were taken by a friend of mine who lives not far away from my place:

This ain't the mist, it's the bloody haze!

This was taken by my parents. This was yesterday's situation.
This is today. 

You can see how we are suffering, what more with the water rationing and the heat.

Joel's school had shut-down today. So are some of other schools. I think the government should just shut everything down until this gets blown away. This is so detrimental to everyone's health.

Just take a look at the ash. It's everywhere, and everyday affair. And there's no water to wash this away. 
This was all over the porch, plants, car ... EVERYWHERE after a severe burning, acrid smell episode.
How I miss clear skies like this......
Please pray for us. Pray for rain clouds to unleash all its fury at the dams and to wash away all this smog that is killing us slowly but surely...

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Surviving Water Rationing

So Monday was the day our area was hit by water rationing.

I was washing and storing water like a guzzler. Every bathroom has a 100+ liters of huge container of water. And then there are pails everywhere. The kitchen has another three 100+ liters of huge containers. And MORE pails everywhere. Then there's the mineral water boxes. The house looks like a water container fiesta. There's water everywhere! But we have no choice. Certain areas did not have their water back after the 2-day mark. I can't take the risk. Not especially with this voiding dysfunction problem which I have.

So here are my ways in overcoming this difficult time:

1. Store water in every part of the house available. 
Every container that you've got, use it. Place them at places not far from where you need to use them. You would not want to be lugging these tens-of-kilograms-pails all over the house. Any spillage is a waste as every DROP counts!

2. Bottled water
I bought boxes and boxes AND boxes of water. Friends whose areas which have been having water rationing said that the water supply that was back after the rationing was yellow and muddy. It was DIRTY! We can't have drinking water like this! Thus store up on mineral water! Store! Store! Store!

3. Wet wipes
Wet ones/wipes are a must. If you can't wash your hands, you can at least wipe them with wet wipes. You can wipe your bum-bum. Or those smelly armpits. Or wipe things or stuff that become dirty.

4. Disposable plates/forks & spoons/cups.
You'll not have water to wash yourself what more plates and cutleries. At this point you'll just have to make do with disposable stuff.

5. Thinnest clothing
I think shorts and t-shirts are the best clothing to wear now. The smaller they are the less to wash. Pants and long skirts and long sleeve shirts to me are out! I  have to ration water to wash myself, what more big pieces of clothing!!!

6. Keep water in washing machine (If top loading)

7. Disposable undies/pads/panty shields.
Use disposable everything. If they had disposable clothing for sale, I would buy them!!!!

8. Reusing veggie water to water plants

9. Cook in bulk and keep in freezer.
And if you can tolerate canned food keep them.

10. Try not to move so much. 
Less sweat = less baths!

If you have any other pointers to share, feel free to do so!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

5 Years!

March 2nd 2009.

Everyday used to be a milestone. In fact, at one point, it was every hour.

And now, 1/2 a 'century' has passed! I guess it's a miracle. And I'm looking forward to MORE miracles as I journey into another 1/2 of the 'century'.

The journey hasn't been easy at all. But it has moulded and made me into such a strong person. I never knew that I had such iron will. I mean, I know that I am stubborn, but this? This is more than being stubborn and determined. This is being focused to the point of tornados, cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons and tsunamis come crashing without blowing me off my journey. At times it feels like I'm on the road to perdition. At times I feel like I'm on a sugar high. Sometimes the view of the journey is as awesome and spectacular as a fjord. At times it feels like the book of Revelations, all doom and gloom.

But I have no regrets. I have no 'Why me God???' I have no 'I wish this didn't happen to me.' No. I am actually glad in a way that it happened as I now have learned so much. Gained so much. Grew so much. Gleaned so much. About life. About food. About myself.

Of course I would be lying if I said that where food is concerned it's a breeze. It's S.H.I.T.T.Y. Every single morsel of food has to be planned.  I think I can plan better than any CIA agency. Planning my food is 365 days a year and that's 3 main meals a day with some snacks in between. THAT can be a major headache as there are so many limitations. But now I'm wired to twist and turn forbidden food into YUMMY-TO-MY-TUMMY food. I can be a scientist now as I'm constantly experimenting. And I'll experiment till the last day of my life.

And I couldn't have done it without my family.

So to myself, I say, 'Evelyn, you have every Right To Be Alive!'

The Day I Met Death

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Stir-Fried 3-In-1 Baked Chicken Dish


1. 2 baked drumsticks (meat torn into small pieces)
    * For recipe of baked drumsticks, click on LINK
2. 5 medium-sized old potatoes (outer layer removed and sliced into thin pieces)
3. 500gm of french beans (washed and cut into 2cm length)
4. Sea-salt
5. Sunflower oil


1. Pour about 2 teaspoons of sunflower oil in a heated up wok.

2. Add the sliced potatoes and cook until softened.

3. Add the french beans.

4. Cook until the french beans are softened.

5. Add the torn chicken meat and add a dash of sea-salt.

6. Mix all ingredients thoroughly for about approximately another 5 minutes.

7. Scoop up onto serving dish.

8. Serve hot with rice.

Bon appétit!

Haze Attack!

The picture above says it all! We desperately NEED rain!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Bladder Orgasm...No More

Within 1 week after the 10-day course of Xatral XL, the bladder gradually went back into its old ways. It became jammed up and the excruciating pain returned.

So it's another 14 days of Xatral XL.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Baked Red Snapper


1. 1 medium sized red snapper
2. Sea-salt
3. Sunflower oil (optional)


1. Preheat oven at 220C.

2. Wash the red snapper throughly.

3. Pat dry with kitchen towels.

4. Rub sea-salt all over fish.

5. Place in baking dish.

6. If you want the dish to have some extra oil, drizzle some sunflower oil over it. If not, skip this part. I did not use any oil for this dish.

7. Bake for 30 minutes or until thoroughly baked.

8. Serve hot with warm rice and a vegetable dish of your choice.

Bon appétit!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

An Extremely Dry & Hazy Weather

It did not rain for almost 3 weeks. We then had 'some' rain which wasn't that great. More like sprinkling of water. It usually rains until about April as it is the monsoon season.

With the dry and hot weather, we now have haze too! 

Certain parts of the country have dried-up taps. And the dams are receding at alarming rates! And with no rain, it's a disaster in a matter of time. In fact it's already a disaster. 

Time to stock up on masks, bottled water and containers for storing water!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

An Appointment with Dr. Yadav

I met up with Dr. Yadav on Saturday morning to update him and to ask him some questions concerning the medications which I could take during the surgery.

He was thoroughly amused with the 'placebo effect' term. He said it was his first time hearing this term being used where anaphylaxis is concerned. But he also said that there are two different 'types' of anaphylaxis. One is the 'true anaphylaxis' and the other 'anaphylaxis-like'. People who have medication allergy usually have swelling or edema and usually does not cause anaphylaxis. It's people with respiratory problems who will be in trouble when they have allergic reactions to medication as their respiratory system will have allergic reactions which can result in anaphylaxis. Thus, the 'anaphylaxis-like' is used in this situation.

People with food allergies or sensitivities react in the 'true-anaphylaxis ' manner. I need to read up more on this area to understand better.

Dr. Yadav said that my immune system had gotten stronger, thus my ability to be able to eat foods with salicylate. But he cautioned me to be careful as in to space out my intake of salicylates. My body is like a jar. And everytime I eat things which contain salicylates, the jar fills up. And if I'm not careful and keep on consuming salicylates, the jar will fill up and overflow and if my immune system is down, another anaphylaxis might implode! 

I did ask him about salicylate desensitization. He said that in my case it would not help much as I am also chemically sensitive. He also said that with salicylate desensitization, I would need to consume large amounts of aspirin everyday for the rest of my life. And also I would need to have stomach medication as aspirin is very bad for the stomach. Besides I have a recurring reflux problem which I've had since I was 20. And if I bleed, it would be an issue as aspirin is a blood thinner. So he feels that in my case that there are more cons than pros. I'm also happy with the improvement that I've had within these 5 years. So is he.

Dr. Yadav also said it does not mean that I am 'fine' and will not have an allergic reaction if I took the opiates again which were given to me during and after the surgery. If my immune system is weakened, he said that there is a possibility of me reacting. So what the surgeon said that me being able to take the 'host of medications' during surgery shows that I am FINE, is wrong. 

He reminded me again that this is a life-long medical condition. But I have found a way to live around it and live it well too. He was very happy that I've managed to become better and stronger. He said that there are many people like me here in Malaysia.  He said I managed to overcome my crisis because I researched a lot, read a lot, wrote and shared and learned a lot from people like me who live all over the world and joined support groups. 

So to Malaysians who are like me,
I'm still waiting to hear from you. 

And if you have allergies or sensitivities that no doctors believe in, you can always make an appointment to see Dr. Yadav at Pantai Hospital. 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Rice-Pot Version of Fried Pasta


1. 500gm of boiled mixed pasta (penne, macaroni & fusilli)
2. Shredded chicken (from one whole drumstick+thigh which has been baked)
    * for recipe, click on LINK
3. 2 medium sized carrots (skin peeled and cut into thin strips)
4. 1/2 clove of garlic (outer layer removed and cut into thin slices)
5. Sea-salt
6. Sunflower oil

1. Pour the sunflower oil into the heated rice cooker.

2. Once the oil is hot, add the garlic.

3. Stir fry until garlic is slightly browned.

4. Add the carrots and stir fry until slightly softened.

5. Add the shredded chicken and pasta.

6. Add sea-salt to taste and mix everything thoroughly.

7. Stir fry for another 5 minutes.

8. Scoop up on serving plate.

9. Serve warm.

Bon appétit!

'Bladder Orgasm'

On the second day of the medication, my bladder suddenly could pee. It was as if a switch inside my bladder was switched on. It became like before the surgery. I think it is even BETTER than before the surgery.

I experienced a 'bladder orgasm'!

The severe, excruciating pain is gone.

But the medication is not a pleasant experience. It makes me drowsy, brain-in-a-fog, gives me heart palpitations the whole day. I cannot have sudden movements as it will cause dizziness. I cannot drive. I cannot suddenly get up from sitting down positions as I will faint. I feel like a zombie. On a perpetual-high whole day. I can't seem to focus. I feel as though I am in the House of Mirrors at a carnival. Can't tell which is the real thing or which is a reflection. That is how foggy my brain feels.


And that is the most satisfying thing to me now. What a relief.

Another 7 days more of medication before I can be normal Evelyn again. Can't wait...

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Voiding Dysfunction

I saw another urologist yesterday morning. He was the one I was supposed to have seen when I was admitted just before Chinese New Year. But he was already on leave. Thus, the 'no-problem-you-think-until-you-have-problem' doctor replaced him. Which turned out into a bigger problem with him in the picture.

Mr. Responsible Urologist asked me to tell him the history of my bladder problems. He took the time to listen. And to explain. He was a very thorough doctor. 

Mr. Responsible Urologist also did some ultrasound and scoping of anus and vagina and checked the urinary meatus. He wanted to make sure that I did not have anal stenosis as many hemorhoidectomy ended up with anal stenosis. He also wanted to make sure the nothing in the womb or bladder was the cause. I think the amount of scoping and poking and probing that have been done since the surgery is enough to last 10 lifetimes. 

He measured the amount of pee in my bladder and then sent me to pee. And then he measured the amount of pee that was left in my bladder. He said the amount that was left behind was a reasonable amount. I told him Harnal helped. But I had to stop it because I had an allergy reaction to it. But it did help the bladder to jump start. But I could not take it long enough for it to work to its fullest effect. 

He then prescribed a new medication which contained no sulphur for my bladder which is to be taken for 10 days. It's called Xatral XL. Can you believe that the previous urologist prescribed me a medication which contained sulphur even after knowing that I am allergic to sulphur-based medication?! And when I asked him to whether there were any other medications, he said that Harnal is the only one!!!!!! I have been prescribed one without sulphur today! What was he trying to do?? Kill me????? 

I took the new medication before 9pm. I have no allergy reactions. I do have orthostatic hypotension which is the normal side effect of this type of medication. And also palpitations. The urologist told me to slowly get up from lying down and sitting down positions in stages and in slow motion. Hopefully my bladder will heal in time. The voiding dysfunction most likely have been triggered by the surgery. The urologist said that it could take months to be well again. 

There is hope!